Dirisolar is an inovative airship project. The aggregation of experienced technologies in other domains permitted to design an original airship compared to the one that exists or existed.
the architecture of the airship has been completely redesigned. 3 majors concepts have been used :

The shape

Dirisolar Dirigeable fond plat The flat bottom with rigid structure is innovating as well as the traditional nacelle which is replaced by a cockpit located on the front of the airship.
Les advantages of the flat bottom dirigible are :

  • The wind pulls down the airship during landing instead of pushing it back up,
  • The boarding of passengers is easier,
  • Docking is easier for a long ground parking.

The steering system

Dirisolar gouvernes
  • Rear empennages : It stabilises oscillations during a flight, well known on existing airships,
  • Forward steers : the « duck» remplaces the traditional steering system and renders the dirigible more manoeuverable.

Solar energy

The Dirisolar project thrust is powered by solar energy provided by flexible panels, and is stocked in batteries. Its autonomy is therefore assured day and night.
The shell of the airship offers an adequate surface for enough solar panels necessary for the thrust. The dirigible is the mean of transportation for which solar energy is the most adequate.

Thus, the Dirisolar airships free themselves fully of fossil energy use. It establishes a mean of transportation completely ecologic wished by several users. > Utilisations

Innovating Project

The technologies used in the Dirisolar project and all tested. They are used in other domain than aeronautic.

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