General architecture and the choice of technologies during the conception:

Audouin Dollfus (1924-2010), astronomer, discoverer of water on Mars, and famous pilote.

Eric Faure, thanks to his work « L’ Aérostation Scientifique » published in 2004.

Pierre Yves Duchesne, builder radio controlled airships. His essential contribution was the construction of the scale model, the DS 0.6 which validated the principles of conception of Dirisolar airships.

Marc Van Peteghem, naval architect, creator of the winner of the America Cup in 2010. His advices and network gave Dirisolar the means necessary to control the clothing of the rigid shell.

Pascal Martin, double France champion of balloons. His network benefited Dirsolar of precious advices on conception.

Industrials agreements

In 2012, Dirisolar signed six cooperation accords with european companies for the DS 1500 construction. These companies are specialized in the following domains:

  • virtuel prototyping,
  • electric motor and low noise propellers,
  • Clothing fabrics and mounting,
  • Helium bags;
  • Solar panels systems


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