What is an airship ?

The airship is an aircraft « lighter than air ».

The airship contains devices to ensure sustenance. It is equipped with propulsion systems that allow it to move and avoid the constraints of the ambient air. Its main benefit is to carry passengers where they wish, even if there is wind. It may be held hovering above ground, as long as it wants, free to goright or left, up or down, without being tied to the floor, even if there is wind .

The airship, transportation of the future?

About 30 airships projects are currently underway in the world.

The craze for the airship meets the need that man has to invent a mean of transport of the future. The inevitable energy transition due to the depletion of fossil fuels requires human innovation. Transport is one of its biggest challenges. > Airships and transport

The potential use of airships

In 2013 a dozen airships fly in the world.

According to market research conducted by consulting firms in the past 10 years, some sectors are demanding transport solutions which are meet by airships. It concerns mineral extractions, operations of fossil ressources, scientific exploration and tourism.

Geographical areas covered by airships share access difficulties. This is the case, among others, in northern Canada, the Amazon, Central Africa, and Siberia.

> Exploitation of airships

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