Dirisolar, creator of solar airships.


Why do currents airships not have any commercial success ? Because of three justified criticism that Dirisolar solves and/or diminishes :

  • Insufficiant handling ability when the wind is above 30 km/h.
    The availability of airships is around 50% of the time. When the usage of an airship is scheduled at a certain date, the flight is canceled at the last minute every other time ! Dirisolar increases notably its availablity.
  • Commercial exploitation of aiships requires infrastructures, men power, a team on the ground and a docking pole.
  • Purchase and exploiting prices are too high. Dirisolar optimizes technologies, methodology to make its airship commercially viable.

Innovative solutions are needed these three critics. Dirisolar uses experienced technologies in other domain than aeronautic.

Airships multiples usages

  1.  Travellers transport, > Dirigible and tourism
  2.  Loads transport, heavy loads in particular,
  3.  Surveillance and observation
The DS12, surveillance drone


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