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Dirisolar, Manned Dirigeable powered by solar energy

DS0.6 flight Innovations  The Solar Airship
Flight of the demonstrator, an important step in the Dirisolar Project … Dirisolar offers an innovative airship based on 2 technologies … Tourism and travellers transport in an airship and
 Video_DS06  Video_Utilisation

The Dirisolar Project is based on two new concepts:

  • an unsual shape of the shell
  • a thrust based on solar energy

This flat-bottomed airship is conceived to be autonomous, autonomously maneuverable by the pilot and mindful of the environment. The use of solar panels coupled with ultralight batteries makes the Dirisolar project energetically autonomous. The objective is to be able to make the first airship able to go around the world without refueling and with a freedom in the journey’s choice.

The Solar Airship Dirisolar

Dirisolar cheapens the airship exploitation thanks to its original conception which remove the need of a ground team. It makes it cheaper to build and available to most weather conditions.

The Dirisolar Airship registers itself in an ecologic process of the future of transportation. This solar dirigible offers several possible uses, travelers transport, loads transport, scientific explorations and soils observation. The exploitation low price and the ecologic means of travel offers long-waited usage for scientific research and humanitarians actions. The maneuverability and unlimited time of travel suggested by all Dirisolar airships models offers unexpected solutions for numerous economic sectors.

The advantages of the solar airship DS1500 for tourism

  • Autonomy for the lift-off, the landing and the stowage.
  • Easiness to embark and disembark passengers.
  • Disponibility in most meteorological conditions.
  • Energy independence for flights for many months.


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