Modèles Dirisolar

The solar airship offers a range of different models. Each project is adequate to different domain for specific usage.

DS 1500

Dirisolar_DS1500_volThe DS 1500

Intended for the transportation of 5 passengers or 450 kg loads. This model comply with a demand of touristics attractions operators and scientific exploration users. Its realisation started in 2013 by the company Air Azur.
The operational benefits which will be validated with the DS 1500 can be extrapolated to a bigger apparatus.
Length : 42 m
Helium Volume : 1500 m3
Useful loads : 450 kg, for instance, 5 passengers and equipements.
Flying speed: from stationnary up to 80 km/h

DS 0.6

The demonstrator DS 0.6 showed the benefits of the flat floor during a flight.

Scale model 2 meters long.

Its construction was done by Pierre Yves Duchesne in 2010.


Demonstration flights in Mantes in June 2010. Participation to the radio controlled airships competition in Meudon in 2011.

Length: 2 m
Helium volume : 1,2 m3, or 1200 litres
Flying speed: maxi 15 km/h
Demonstration Indoor.

DS 12

DS12_Dirigeable_droneRemote controlled drone for observation and extended surveillance, with a useful load of 1.5 kg, most often a vision system with continuous images transmissions. Compared with drones « heavier than air » (planes and helicopters), this drone has a « stamina » measured in days.

Length : 8 m
Helium volume : 12 m3
Useful load : 1,5 kg
Flying speed : stationnary up to 45 km/h


DS 900


The DS 900 is a two-seater, accredited in class 5 ULM.
Utilisation : scientific explorations, touristics explotations. Its realisation has been suspended, the DS 1500 project has been considered closer to the markets expectations.
Length : 30 m
Helium volume : 900 m3
Useful load : 150 kg or 2 passengers

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