2013 DS 1500 Project Launch

Creation of a company with the provision of capital and expertise for the realisation and explotation of the first DS1500.

2 engineers hired.

2012 Industrial cooperation

Signature of six cooperation accords in Europe for the construction of the first Dirisolar airship, the DS1500. Each company will bring its specific expertise to study and build every part of the machine.

2011 DS 900 3D Modeling

The preliminary analysis at scale of the DS 900, the 3D modeling, FEA and CFD are validated in 2011 during a formal meeting with 10 experts from different sectors.

Bourget innovation Prize in June 2011 > award of the prize

Video_DS06 2010 DS 0.6 Flight

The project is materialized with the flight of the DS 0.6, remote control scale model.



2009 Dirisolar Creation

The company is created in 2009 by Philippe Tixier. He brings a huge aeronautical experience and difficult projects leadership.

Dirisolar adventure

Philippe Tixier childhood was shaped by the stories of his grandfather, commandant of the « Fleurus » Airship and, since then, has always wanted to manoeuver his own. Philippe is an airplane and glider pilot. He dedicated his professional life to the aeronautic industry.

In 2006, he meets Audouin Dolfus, great astronomer and pilot, who guides him to realize his childhood dream. By creating the company Dirisolar with is wife in 2009, he wishes to find a complete answer to the airships issues. On the same year, he launches some analysis for the conception of an original dirigible. In 2012, a scale model is build and flown. In 2011, he receives the technologic innovation prize at Le Bourget. In 2012, he signs partnerships for the industrial realisation of the first inhabited solar Airship.

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