Dirisolar adventure

Philippe Tixier, soothed during his childhood by his grandfather’s stories commander of the airship « Le Fleurus », has always dreamed to steer his own airship one day. Plane and glider pilote, he dedicated his professional life to the aeronautic sector.

In 2006, his meeting with Audouin Dolfus, great astronomer and pilote, puts him on the tracks of making his dreams come true. By creating the company Dirisolar in 2009 with his wife, he wishes to bring a complete answer to airships’ problematics. The same year, he starts some studies for the conception of an innovative airship. In 2012, a scale model is built and flew. In 2011, he wins the technological innovation prize at the Bourget exhibition. In 2012, he signs partnerships to build the first inhabited solar powered airship.

Dirisolar, the humane adventure.

The project feasibility phase was punctuated by enriching encounters. Surrounded by experts, the project take a crucial turn in 2013 with the launching of the DS 1500 project.

Dirisolar, future airship actor

Passionated with aircrafts, Dirisolar partners take part in the evolution of means of today transportation towards those which are more eco-aware of tomorrow. To know more about > tomorrow’s airship