Use of Dirisolar Models

The potentiel usage of airships includes three main domains:

  1. Transportation of passengers,
  2. Transportation of loads, in particular heavy loads,
  3. Surveillance and Observation

Dirisolar answer to all these needs

Passengers transport



The DS 1500 is intended for the transportation of 5 passengers or 405 kg of loads.

Ecologic et economic, Dirisolar solar airship fulfills other missions than tourism: scientific exploration of zones hard to reach.

The disembarkment at will permits missions of soil prospecting (measuments, sample collecting…).







Loads transport

The Dirisolar airships conception permits to consider the realisation of other models than the DS 1500 for heavier loads transportations. The realisation of such airships would render easier the exploitation of natural ressources in rough areas, for instance North of Canada, Siberia.

Surveillance and observation

The Dirisolar drone, the DS 12, can fulfill long distance observations missions with uninterrupted imaging transmission to a station on the ground. Two main benefits of the drone airships are:
– its ability for long stationary fligths (several days compared to several hours for airplanes and helicopters drones),
– its low exploitation price

Development strategy chosen by Dirisolar

The actual success of balloons shows the public enthusiasm in this domain. Airships exploitation in tourism shows promising persperctives.

It is why, despite recents markets studies showing that loads transportation is the futur of airships, Dirisolar has chosen to build the DS 1500. This model, intended for touristic exploitation is the first step for its development.
The year 2013 is an important step for Dirisolar with the beginning of the construction of the DS 1500.

Benefits of solar airship DS 1500 for touristic exploitation

          • Take off, landing and docking autonomy
          • Facilitates the embarkment of passengers,
          • Availability for all sorts of meteorological conditions,
          • Independence for long flights, up to several months.


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